Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I buy my new Concorde directly from you?
    We exclusively sell our bikes through Concorde resellers. Please contact us for information.
  2. And what about buying replacement parts or having my bike serviced?
    Your Concorde dealer can supply you with all the replacement parts for your Concorde bike. He can also provide additional services like assembling the parts to your bike. Also for regular service and maintenance you can ask the dealer to assist you. We cannot provide this service directly to you.
  3. What is the right bike size for me?
    Because every body is different it is almost impossible to give you the right size through the internet. Therefore, we invite you to do a bike measurement at one of our dealers. They can help you to order the right size bike and after delivery of the bike they can tailor the bike for your needs.
    If you are suffering from injuries, it is advisable to carry out a professional bicycle measurement.
  4. How quickly is my bike delivered at my dealer after ordering?
    A big part of our bike range is built to order. This way you can buy a bike that is tailored to your needs. Due to this method of production the delivery time of your bike can vary. Contact your dealer for further information about delivery times.
  5. I am having a problem with my Concorde bike. Can I contact you directly?
    Having problems with your bike is always inconvenient. Your Concorde dealer is the right person to contact in such a case. He knows you and your bike and therefore he can most likely fix the problem very quick. In case your dealer might need some extra help he can contact us.
  6. For how long do I have warranty on my Concorde bike?
    All the warranty terms and conditions are mentioned in the manual that is supplied with every bike.
  7. What to do if I want to make a warranty claim?
    In case something might happen to your Concorde and you suspect it might be a warranty issue please contact your Concorde dealer. Your dealer will do the initial assessment. If he thinks it might be a production failure he can contact us. We will assess the claim together with the Concorde dealer. The assessment by your dealer does not automatically mean that your warranty claim is granted by us. For the last review your dealer must send the part of the bicycle to Concorde.